Your tool lease manager

Toolbox is a unique system to simplify the process for businesses to lease and sell tools to workers. It also includes an invoice system to complete the process. The system is developed in close co-operation with shipyards and is therefore equipped with many of the solutions necessary in this industry.


  • Nearly all kinds of codes can be used as leasing identification. (Bar codes, touchless identification (i.e. RFID), magnetic stripe etc.)

  • If tools are lost the leasing can be converted into a purchase. If the leasing period is overdue a leasing fee can be calculated.

  • Toolbox contains a registry of everyone who leases tools. This data can be administrated locally or it can be synchronized with other systems.

  • Leasing balance is available for both the worker and the toolbox administrator.

  • Sales of parts and tools generate invoices. Calculation of VAT, invoice fees and price adjustments is automatic and makes sales easy.

  • Withdrawals are registered either directly in Toolbox from pocket PCs you bring with you to the warehouse counter, or it can be registered at the counter afterwards.

  • The withdrawals can be registered to specific work activities. If Toolbox is integrated in a time registry system the withdrawals can be synchronized later to the activity the worker is registered to.

  • Form for registering maintenance of tools on the web. This can be done on PC, smartphone, tablet or Pocket-PC. Individual tools will be blocked from leasing when they lack maintenance.

Today, Toolbox is used by all VARD yards in Norway, AS Norske Shell’s gas process terminal in Nyhamna, Aukra and Kleven Verft AS in Ulsteinvik