The Tag System

Get your Logistics under control and ready for production.

The TAG-system can provide your business with full control of your material flow, which is essential for an efficient production. It had its light beginning in 2002, and gradually grew over the next 3 years to be a fully integrated part of the core business for one of our largest customers. It has been in use ever since. The system basically answers these 5 questions regarding the material flow:

  • What is it?

  • Where is it?

  • Where is it going?

  • When will it arrive?

  • Who is responsible?

The main purposes for implementing the TAG system is to prepare all necessary information about components and get them ready for production in due time. This will make the production work smoothly and prevent costly delays.

Simply put, you mark a component with a unique TAG number that follows the component wherever it goes. All parties involved with that component have a common reference when talking about it.

All your employees can search for components and see when it is planned to arrive at the site, whether it is already arrived or if it is already installed at its final placement. They can also see technical specifications about the component. This makes planning of future jobs and resources possible.

The supplier can create and view his components online and see whether they have arrived at the production site, or if they are already installed at their final placement. This makes communication about components between you and your supplier easier.

You may also integrate the TAG system with your economic system, in order to avoid working with multiple systems at once.