RMC is as system helping supply bases plan, coordinate and control their resources and orders.

By using mobile-, web- and desktop-applications we give our customers the opportunity to increase automation on simple orders, easily manage large orders, give the supply base customers an easy way to monitor their orders via our web-solution, and also RMC provides an easy way to search through order history.

For our customers you will find our solution in their logistics department where they plan resources on present and future orders, at their economical department where they control finished orders, sends the invoice to their customer for approval through our web-solution, and finally exports the invoice to their economic system.

Outside on the supply base you will find RMC’s mobile solution inside various vehicles. These solutions gives the drives an easy way to do control checks on the vehicles and makes it easy to manage the status on all vehicles on the supply base. They also have an application for doing simple orders, where they can manage them self as a resource in the system, removing the need for the logistics department to plan these orders.

RMC is a resource management and coordination system, which is continuously being developed and improved, giving our supply base customers an advantage